Reduction Woodcuts
Reduction woodcuts are made with one piece of wood which is run through the press over and over again as the wood block is carved away color by color.  The same piece of paper must be lined up on the block at each press run from lighter to darker colors each time with more wood carved away.   Each new color printed reacts with the colors underneath with often surprising results. The design was first drawn on the board with permanent marker so landmarks could be found in between inkings of the plate.
For you fans of flip-books, below are photos of the printed paper (poor quality, studio light, I apologize!) between press runs.   12 (of the 15 total colors) are shown below.  This was for friends who summer on a Casco Bay island where there is a superb and brave ritual of jumping off the docks to see off their loved ones.  The early images are confusing because so little is carved, but as the darker colors are printed it becomes more clear.

First golden yellow, (the whites have been carved away).
Next peachy skin tones
3rd color
4th color
5th color
6th color
Moving into medium tints and the image is slowly coalescing
7th color
Brighter blue of the water
Darker greens of the shadows
Deeper browns of the dock and woods
The darker color sharpens everything up.